Names of family members of the leader of Assam movement were excluded

Names of family members of the leader of Assam movement were excluded

It was on June 26, 1980. The movement of the Assam state, which demanded immigrants and demanded exile, was only for one year and was at its peak.

Vaijayanti Devi, who was a young woman at the age of 20, who was known as an agitation activist, in order to further increase her movement, in her Tezpur neighborhood, in the “Ransingh Din” organized by All Assam Student Union ran away.

“With the help of Vaijayanti Devi, thousands of students shot the balls, declaring the arrival of the movement, opened the shell of a shock and immediately fainted, Arol Talokdar, head of the Tanpur area committee of the Arab League, said that he immediately He was admitted to the hospital, later he died.

Later, Vaijayanti Devi was included in the youth who sacrificed their lives in motion. His brother Ranjan Upadhyay got a job in the social welfare department for his contribution in his sacrifice. After the agitation, the workers formed the government in 1985.

But 39 years later, on the same date as the National Register of Citizens (NRC), Ranasinga Dev, the wife of late Vajiganti and Rajin Nirmala Devi, a process that began to identify illegal immigrants, was removed. .

On Wednesday, the State Coordinator of the Norwegian Refugee Council released an additional exclusion list of 1.02, 462 people who were previously listed on the board, but were later found ineligible to qualify as Indian citizens.

We do not know what went wrong. We only know that its name has been included in the previous draft of the Norwegian Refugee Council. On June 26, his name appeared on the exclusion list, which meant that his name was deleted.

Like a good number of government officials in Assam, 54-year-old Rajin is busy working to update NRC.

His family did not receive any information from the State Coordinator office of the Norwegian State Council, but was preparing to re-submit all the documents to claim his wife’s nationality.

“We have not been told what to do, but we will definitely be instructed to move forward. Looking at the fact that all members of my wife’s family have already been included in the Norwegian refugee council, I think The problem is only the document and will be resolved soon. ”

The State Coordinator of the Norwegian State Council issued a press release on June 26 and explained the reasons for adding names to the additional exclusion list.

But the case of not involving a member of the Wajiganti Devi family in the Norwegian Refugee Council did not work well with everyone.

Arup Talokdar, head of Tezpur unit of AASU said, “It is sad to see that the future defugees Fusion of Vijayanti, but his sisters were not even included in the refugee council of Norway.”

Rugin acknowledged that his sons’ names were not included in the first or second draft of the Norwegian Refugee Council, although he himself was involved.

One of my children is 19 years old and the other is 16 years old. “As my children, they have the same legacy to prove it,” said Rajin.

They expressed that they will find their name in the NRC final, which will be published on July 31.

But Dorbesh Maulvi, a resident of Dabri district, whose son’s wife was shot by NRC said that the time available to claim their nationality was not enough to collect the necessary documents.

“We were asked to get citizenship before July 11, but we have to collect documents from a different mandate, so time is not enough.”

Mulby’s name is Assamese of West Bengal, although he read and grew in Assam.

Some documents related to her heritage are available with the West Bengal Government. The Norwegian Office of the State Council of the Refugee Council has said that some documents are unreadable.

Thus, we have to collect documents again from the concerned offices in West Bengal. There is a need for some days.

Upmanu Hazarika, a lawyer of the Supreme Court of India, who voted in the case of identifying illegal migrants, said that the NRC update revolves around documents. “If you meet the criteria of the list, then you do it, otherwise you do not.

But he acknowledged that there are administrative errors which sometimes control the process.

“If a person is born and raised in some area, he deposits his documents in any other area, his name can not be kept in the Norwegian Refugee Council.”

In the list of exclusion list, most people in the list were persons who were declared foreign citizens or they were fighting in foreign courts to establish their nationality.

“We must remember that updating the NRC is a huge process, and some names may be included in the exclusion list incorrectly.”


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