Iwanka Modi Trump terms meet “a useful conversation with a decisive partner”

Iwanka Modi

The White House Counselor and Donald Trump’s daughter, Evaka Trump, described the meeting between US President and Prime Minister Narendra Moody as a “fruitful conversation” and described India as a “significant ally”.

Ianka Trump said in a video in White, “We are in G-20 here in Osaka. Prime Minister Modi and Prime Minister Abe concluded a meeting with emphasis on the technology of the fifth generation, especially on security implications with the President. is.” home.

“A personal meeting was held between the next fruitful conversation, the President and Prime Minister Moody (organized), where those issues were included, as well as the business relations of America-India, the daughter of the American President, an important business partner.

A collaborator and a decisive allies, therefore, it was a fruitful discussion, and the President and the US delegation accompanied their Indian counterparts to Ir Not national security to cover everything from. “As part of his delegation at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan.

Narendra Moody and Donald Trump met on the sidelines of a summit on Friday.

During the first meeting of the two leaders after Moody’s re-election, the two agreed on measures to resolve trade related issues.

“The Prime Minister specifically said that we have taken some action after the GSP repeal of General Action System (GSP), something that has already happened, and now we have to look forward and see that we will take these issues How can I solve it.

” Trump welcomed this idea. Junkley after meeting with Moody Trump

Trump Moody congratulated his glorious election victory and said that he “deserves” the grand mandate.

Trump said during the bilateral meeting, “I assure you that we will be great friends, we were not close to this, you have won a truly fantastic victory in the elections, you have done a great job. Will work together. ”

“We will do good with India, India is doing a good job, everyone wants to be a part of the American economy,” Trump said.

In addition to the bilateral meeting, the United States, India and Japan also held a trilateral meeting on the occasion of the G-20 Summit.

The meeting began in a positive accent. Trump said: “Historically, if we can do a fair trade deal … we are completely open for this.

” For his part, Shi said that “negotiation” was better than collision after both sides imposed customs duty on each other’s goods.

Prior to sitting with Donald Trump, his Chinese counterpart, the US president made headlines in North and South Korea with a surprise gaffe to join hands in the semi-financed area of ​​Kim Jong-un.

Trump said that he expects a “productive” meeting, but also warned that if he had not compromised on the G20 border, they were ready to charge customs duty on all Chinese imports.

Trump had earlier confirmed that the leader will discuss Huwai in China, which Washington has blocked due to security concerns.

It has been said that Beijing wants to take a ban as part of any commercial troupe.

Experts believe that whatever is agreed upon, there is a promise of continuing the matter, and although the market is not completely broken or sudden progress has not been given due to the corrective nature of American markets.

After the last G20 in December, the first meeting between the leaders of the world’s two largest economies cast a shadow over this year’s meeting in Osaka, where differences on climate change have come to light.

The news agency Xinhua said, “The meeting is a new opportunity for both sides to reduce the stress of business and bring back troubled relations.”

However, the commentary also warned that the United States “needs to bring itself at the same level with China” and “understand the legitimate concerns of China.

” Economists say that a long trade war can paralyze the global economy in times of unfavorable winds, including geo-political tensions and bricks.

On Friday, European Union and South American trade block Markosur concluded an important trade deal after 20 years of talks, the European Commission’s chairman Jean-Claude Junker called it a “strong message” to support “rule-based business” perceived as.

A heat wave

The trade table is far from lifting the controversial issue, where climate change is another key point. Japan is seeking a consensus among EU leaders who want strong action and a US administration is committed to exit the Paris Climate Agreement.

But diplomatic sources said that Washington was trying to win the states along with it and the Japanese officials accepted that they were facing a tough diplomatic battle.


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