G20 summit: India, Turkey to participate in counterterrorism meeting in July

G20 summit India, Turkey to participate in counterterrorism meeting in July

On the third day of his visit to Osaka, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met separately with the presidents of Indonesia, Brazil and Turkey on the occasion of the G20 summit on Saturday and strengthening the overall strategic partnership and references to trade, investment and defense. In discussions on how to increase cooperation.

Ravish Kumar, a spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs, said that a meeting was organized in Joint Working Group in July, in which India and Turkey had participated in July and had worked to find ways to curb terrorism.

Moody interacted with Indonesian President Goku Widodo, which focused mainly on four separate areas: Communication, trade and investment in the Indian Pacific region deepening maritime cooperation between the two countries and protecting Reaching relationships to the next level

Kumar also said that there was a trade target of $ 50 billion, which both countries agreed to achieve till 2025. The recent visit of the Minister of Indonesia. ”

In relation to addressing climate change with Brazil, cooperation in agriculture and biofuel was discussed. Both countries will celebrate 75 years of diplomatic relations in 2023

Together with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Modi discussed how the country can cooperate in the defense industry.

Regarding exploring opportunities in trade and investment, it was decided that the meeting of the joint Indo-Turkish Economic Commission should be held as soon as possible.

Moody also intervened in these bilateral meetings. The subject dealt with during the third session was inequality and the feeling of a broad and lasting world was realized. She is currently participating in extensive meetings with Chile and Singapore.

“Together with everyone, everyone’s development and everything together,” he said. He also highlighted the initiative focused on women by the NDA government, for example, “Beti Bachao and Beti Teacho”, and how 78% of the money was beneficial for women. ”

At present, Moody was attending meetings with Chile and Singapore. He is scheduled to hold another bilateral meeting with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who concludes his three-day trip to Osaka.

On Friday, Moody held bilateral and multilateral meetings with many leaders including US President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping.

OSAKA (Reuters) – The leader of G20 will agree to accelerate WTO reforms, but in a statement on Saturday, will not call for the need to oppose protectionism, the Nikkei newspaper said on Saturday.

Between US President Donald Trump and China’s President Xi Jinping, the meeting of the presidents of the world’s largest economies was held on Saturday.

In order to prepare the statement of G-20, Japan, the president of the meetings, sought to find common ground among the United States, which opposes the language condemning the protectionism, and other countries against a trade tension Demand for strong warnings.

An official of the Japanese government told reporters that the G-20 members have widely agreed on the need to accelerate the WTO reforms in Friday’s session on global development and trade.

Representatives left in addition to a line to require protection against protectionism in the G-20 statement, the Nikkei newspaper reported on Saturday, looking at the intensity of America-China trade war.

The newspaper said that, instead, Japan is urging members to promote “free, fair and non-discriminatory” trade policy in collaboration with other G-20 countries. Sources said that the proposal has already been supported by many members.

G20 leaders will issue statements after their two-day meeting ends on Saturday

This will be the second consecutive summit of the G20, in which members abandon the need to reject protectionism. The conservative language was dropped last year in Buenos Aires, which was a sign of sensitive criticism of Washington’s tariff on some G20 members.

The increasing influence of the US-China trade war has shook the markets and tested the resolution of the G-20 members, whose leaders meet in the western city of Osaka, to offer a united front to avoid global recession .

The Nikkei newspaper reported that the G20 will abandon its involvement in a statement, which calls for resistance to protectionism, when he completes his two-day meeting in Osaka, Western Japan on Saturday.

Instead, the leaders of G20 have made a little compromise in the statement that it is important to promote an economic, fair and non-discriminatory business system, the financial news report reported on Saturday.


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