Donald Trump stopped new tariffs on Chinese goods after talks with Xi Jinping

Donald Trump stopped new tariffs on Chinese goods after talks with Xi Jinping

President Donald Trump said that after Hu’s relationship with China was “back on track” and President Xi Jinping, despite doubts about the party’s desire to settle on a long-term solution on Saturday, has long been a trade between economic powers Demand for the war

According to the news agency Xinhua news agency, the leaders agreed for a new ceasefire in a one-year trade war, in which the halted trade talks will resume, and the United States will create more danger for Chinese goods.

A clear trance was a pattern of conversation between Trump and Shi, who confessed to their friendship with each other and pressed the button of the stop for protectionist measures after their interaction, to see only the controversial details overturning the conversation later.

White House officials refused to comment immediately. But President Donald Trump said on Saturday that he would later announce the results of his talks with Che in a news conference later in the day.

The meeting was held in Japan on the occasion of the G20 summit and there was a four-day focus on Trump’s diplomacy, the possibility of re-election was put to jeopardizing a trade war, which harmed American farmers and led to a global brand hit. Tensions have increased in recent weeks following the fall of talks last month.

Later in the meeting with the Turkish President, Trump said that talks with Shei was “better than expected”.

“The conversation continues,” he said.

Both leaders sat on a long table surrounded by senior colleagues and were carefully optimistic after taking pictures.

Trump Lishi said at the inauguration of the meeting, “There was an excellent relationship between us, but we also want to do something about business.”

Roy described the era of “table tennis diplomacy” for its share, which helped to introduce US-China relations two generations ago.

“Cooperation and dialogue are better than friction and collision.”

Meeting with Shi is one of the three Trump showed authoritarian trends with leaders around the world on Saturday.

Trump was the first face-to-face meeting with Mohammed bin Salman in Saudi Arabia because American intelligence concluded that Crown Prince had instructed the horrific murderer of the Washington Post and American Jamal Khashogi last year.

Trump also met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a staunch ally of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which sees the United States as seriously flowing in the area of ​​Russia.

During his meeting with Saudi Crown Prince, Trump praised his “friend” for taking steps to open the Kingdom and expand freedom for Saudi women.

But Trump ignored the questions of journalists about the alleged role of Mohammad in Khashogi’s death.

He had long been demanding to reduce the role of Prince of Taj in the death of Khashogi and was reluctant to kill a royal critic on a Saudi consulate in Turkey last year.

Trump saw the collision of its strategy in the Middle East to give Iran a collision. He also praised his pledge to spend billions on US military equipment.

This meeting took place a week after Trump retreated from ordering a military attack on Iran in response to a American drone release.

Trump also relies on the Saudi government to support the Israeli-Palestinian peace plan being developed by his son-in-law, Jared Kouiner.

Along with Erdogan, Trump said that the leader will “discuss various solutions” for the schematic purchase of Turkish missile system in the air from Russia’s surface.

US officials have threatened that the purchase will stop selling US-made Combined Strike Fighter F-35, although Erdogan described it as a closed deal.

“Turkey was our friend,” Trump said. He accused the Obama administration of not agreeing to sell the US-made Patriot battery to Turkey.

Saturday meetings are held one day after Trump’s smile and finger, another tyrant leader, Vladimir Putin said, “Do not interfere in the elections” in the first meeting, because the special adviser concluded that Russia was in the 2016 campaign Widely intervened.

Diplomacy got intensified after Trump’s re-election battle started, a competition that could be partly defined whether a trade war with China could be solved before the economic pain on Americans increased.

The President has threatened to impose customs duty on additional Chinese imports of $ 300 billion to expand import taxes on almost all Chinese vessels in the United States.

He said that new tariffs paid by American importers and may start from 10% given to consumers generally.


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